Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Red Lantern

a red lantern
hanging in the wooden hut
a boy's delight it has become
who wish for a heaven as bright
and beautiful as a red lantern.
every twilight he set the light burning
and pray in silence of the moment
may he be granted a heaven
with loving parents he shall unite again.
a red lantern
burning bright in red
its shades paint the face of the boy
he glows happily in hope
that one day a red lantern
will be his heaven.
days passing swiftly, together the boy grows too
the lantern fades but not the hope
the fire still burning, leaving hope
tomorrow still a heaven to be.
©2006 cyclopseven. All rights reserved.


  1. is there a significance to the red lantern? I have in my list of movies to watch a Chinese film titled "Raise the Red Lantern"

  2. Yeah Chinese red signifies auspiciousness. Thus, they prefer things around them to be in red as much as possible. TQ.

  3. i like this one, Cyclop
    Red lantern seemed a symbol of hope, to me :)