Friday, December 12, 2008


Seeping through vengeance

Hatred and religious bigotry
Gnaws the conscience with resentment
Towards their own kind.

Daylight is a tremendous bright
The eyes they close tight
And in darkness the dweller dwells
Within they spread with violent atrocity.

Every angle they watch with dead emotion
Deadly in their thoughts, humbly they surface
Starved to death, humanity murdered
In hunger human blood they barter with bullets.
With poor innocence the mask they wear
Hiding their true face
Hardly aware of ill intentions they bear
We move among them freely - void of fear
Realizing the brutality only when the pain arises.

The root splits humanity and deeper it goes
Worrying individuals nations and the world altogether
For, the mind that carries terrorism
Remain always subtly veiled from signs and symptoms.

Terrorism comes only from mankind
Infecting many across the lands
Unimaginable enclave of mankind with seething blood
That ruptures conscience of every soul on earth.
Every thought carries explosives beyond measure
To strike right on target and scatter the limbs about.

Terrorism – will there be an end?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121208.


  1. They crouch in dark places before they strike, like animals. Where is their conscience??

  2. Good one, Cyclop..

    Terrorism – will there be an end?

    Lovers of human race may have to take a lead..Terrorism has its roots in marginalisation...

    an act of inclusion can slowly bring them into mainstream and then it slowly stops...History provides us with many examples...

    but then, politicians try to take a personal mileage of the situation..and that's root problem to be tackled..

    in democracies it's not a very difficult issue, i its all preventable..

    this was a poem; but the discussion is going as if a debate :)


  3. A powerful poem. Hope it is powerful enough to end terrorism. A good one. The font colour suits well too. Thank you.

  4. As long as greed exists so will terrorism - love of mankind no matter what his station in life is the only answer.