Sunday, December 07, 2008

Life's Ultimate

impinged between love and hatred
I wander alone penetrating the veil
that covers the silent night
in search of an answer for many wonders of life;
darkness is indeed mysterious
it conceals many of darkest secrets
leaving me ponder in search of the hidden treasures
a rare commodity lacking in heart;
enticing snare of immodest angels
garbed in pleasure immeasurable
stand guarding the vile thoughts against divine;
I continue my stroll in the stillness of my thoughts
provoking the ensnaring devilish ropes
I failed many times and I fell different ways
but once I stood strong with strength boundless
and a gush of bliss swept through
opening the petals of sweetness
cuddling me in nature’s embrace
and I heard stories of me being born again and again
in the cradle of human civilization;
aghast I stood still awhile
staring at highest heaven within me,
I realized that am born again once more
not to be born again but die anew
to breath with mother nature, eternally.

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©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071208

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