Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Unconsumed Romance

Partially obscured in the darkness
Her body glowed a stupendous shine
and with sweet smell,
It was not a subterfuge of a deluded mind
But, an experience in care beyond the mind.

She came caressing the floor
With open hands I ushered her slow
Tinkle of bracelets sang to the depth of silence
I was happy beyond the bounds of reverie.

As I began to sing the tune in physical motions
She wriggled with sighs and moans of pleasure
Together we hugged each other in momentary oneness
Before I melt into ultimate oneness,
time curtailed the game.

The dream shattered
And I was awakened.
How cruel the play of time is
Nothing lasts under its gaze.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 051108


  1. So beautiful but where did it go?

  2. Hi Cyclop!

    Time is a villain in many a places..

    But once accepted as master, perhaps one realises the real value of living in the moment..which all masters teach their disciples today "live the moment."

    as human beings -- its only that we are capable of...anybody, anywhere - no?


  3. Romantic poem! Too bad it's just a dream.;)

  4. Radha, Tx.

    Sage, Thank you. Every dream and imagination has its own twist.

    Scarlet, I dunno;) tx

    You are right Devika, acceptance brings about many changes in life.

    Venus, yeah too bad..tx buddy.