Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop please!!

The wind is blowing cold
Touching me till the core,
My existence speaks of an eternity
That lies beyond my vision and hope.
The days are testing me tough, really tough
I attest this to my own experience, now
Yet despite my pain, the world goes around
I am stuck in my own rotation.

It stops or not
I know not,
But, I wish if it stops,
Not later but now
Not anywhere but here.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 251108


  1. may your plea fall upon open ears

  2. "Stuck in my own rotation." I've been there. ;)

  3. Sage, I am hoping for that. Thx.

    Scarlet, we go through that every now and then right? Thx.

  4. I pray that your wishes will be granted. Take care fren.

  5. hey thr is smthn for ya on my 100th post...do come n chk it out :)

  6. Yes Scarlett is right; we do get stuck now and then. Keep hanging in there.

  7. Hi Cyclop...

    Bumped into this "stop please!!" and was about to go...

    then saw you were stuck somewhere..if in a rotation...start moving...hold my hand for a while, if you need and start..

    wait wait..then you say about wishing something to stop...the rotation??

    can we ever stop universal laws from operating...

    think Cyclop -- apply your mind to think...

    hope you will agree with me :)


  8. Hi cyclopseven,it is hard to go through the pain and toughness. However, the toughness and pain will be pass by. The pain will be stop one day. Pray hard to God that the pain stop as soon as posible. Keep strong. Take care.

  9. Thanks Chin..really appreciate that. Take care.