Friday, November 21, 2008


Belligerent rattles
Summoning my mind
With thoughts, paralyzing.
I mustered
Every bit of strength I have
Confronting, the agitation.

Ubiquitous indeed
Upheavals in life,
Even in dream
It bleeds red.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 211108.


  1. My dear friend, so much of sadness in this poem. My heart goes to you. Keep praying my dear friend. We back here will pray too. God Bless. Love.

  2. I hope the agitation is limited to your dreams... You have drawn a powerful image with these words...

  3. "Bloody dreams"!?..oh my, what am i saying :))

    but true -- no? dreams should never can they be dreams them nightmares..

    will come again to see you reciting poem in a happy mood..:)


  4. Venus, thank you and keep praying please.

    Sage, I wish it is so. Alas!! it is not. Thanks buddy.

    Devika, thanks Devika. I pray that the happy mood will dawn soon.

    Scarlet, thanks for sharing buddy.

    Mayz, life poses many things that we do not understand, or perhaps do not make effort to understand, thus the pain. Thank you.

  5. Oh Cyclopseven hope all is resolved soon - when it starts interfering with dreams one must fight back. My thoughts are with you.