Friday, October 31, 2008

Why?... I don't know my friends!!

Allow me to love beyond hatred
Let me see beyond differences
I am here for some reasons to be known
Trampling my pain, I cry in solitude.

I know I can share this pain
Many are willing to cry with me
Alas! I am given this heart
To bear the grotesque pain, alone.

Why? I asked many times
I receive no answers, not at all.
I am burdened, I know when my mind is saddened
And, my friends, my mind stiffened.

I couldn't relate, perhaps that's my weakness
I need a shoulder, only one, but many offered
But, why am I in ignorance burning myself
My mouth sealed my voice, I know not why!!

Let my tears roll free my friends
I know you are there with shoulders ready
To catch me when I am down
That day when I am down
seize me strongly within your bound,


©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 311008.


  1. Beautiful. We all know the pain you're talking about as we've all felt it at one time or another. Even though we're from different parts of the world, we're more alike than different.

  2. Thank you Scarlet. I agree with you. we are more alike than different.

  3. Very touching poem. I know, it must be very painful.You can always count on me my fren. Take good care. God Bless.

  4. We are there for you. Maybe at a distance but does it matter?

  5. Turn around. I'm right there to lean on.

  6. I am behind Janice...:-)

    always, Cyclop..actually i was losing my mind...and those who were most haunting were attended first :-))


    devika - she will never leave a friend, but out of memory may
    else, she may leave all food and sleep
    to attend a heart in pain and vain

    rest assured Cyclop...and all!