Monday, October 06, 2008


my dear......
you appeared from nowhere
through the narrowest entrance
of my shattered life
bringing a little hope and a little light
to brighten up my life.

my dear.......
I thank you for the time spared
to patch up the broken heart
and give me a reason to live on.

my dear......
I'm just an existence
from the unknown past
who have come to shed tears
for the sins hidden
in the sands of time.

my dear.......
like the tumultuous waves
that comes out of ocean
and return to it;
I too shall come and go
but hidden beneath the mysteries of life.

my dear.........
the body shall perish
but not the soul I am.
I'll live with you
in the formless form of spirit
till our mind become subtler
our thoughts become one
and merge into eternity.

there'll be no you and I
only ineffable bliss...

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 061008.


  1. I always loved this poem from the day one i read it. Very powerful.

  2. This poem is something.... I love it when ones expresses themselves in a poem, lets me know they put a lot of thought and heart into it..


    came her by way of Mayz blog!


  3. thou i cud hardly understand that...but m sure comin from u it was brilliant :D

  4. Hope and romance go so beautifully together.