Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brush and shave the problems aside.....

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  1. Ah.. as the universe unravels itself slowly.. so does the mystery around it! ;)

  2. What? You gonna model for Playboy next?


    ***Running Away***

  3. Good shots my fren. I loved the concept here. Problems are everywhere. One need to learn how to brush and shave them off. Life will be more lighter after that. Thank you for sharing the beautiful message here. Take care my fren.

  4. Okay, NOW we have the full picture. :)

    Maybe I should shave my legs and take pics (like these) and post them with the same wonderful messages...but I won't. ;)

  5. This is really different for you and I love it!

  6. Geeeeee....Yes Radha..decided to let a little of me out. Only that much..guess its typical of an introvert, right? I bet you don't remember seeing me in Pengkalan Hulu? Thank you.

    Gautami...what an idea..unless you want Playboy to lose its market:).Anyway, I didn't trust my camera. I wore towel before I take this reflection in the mirror. Who knows if the camera is equipped with virtual intelligence to an extend to capture things according to its own volition:). Huh..can't imagine that. Thank you, Gautami.

    Venus66..Thank you very much. You are right. If only mankind learn to brush and shave off problems, the world will become a haven. Though many people are trying to disentangle the knots, sometimes they don't do it the right way, and end up being entangled in another problem. Thank you buddy.

    Thank you Scarlet. Perhaps you should go ahead with that idea of yours :). Show the world, how to shave the problems from the root:)

    Ahhh....Janice..Yes..a bit different. Sometimes just inspired to try out something new. Thank you Janice.

  7. Nope, dont remember you but I just realised if you have a bro called Srinivasan, he was my primary school classmate.. is he?! Its been ages.