Saturday, September 27, 2008

25 September 2008

Inerasable from my memory
As the passage of emotion
Found its way between the minds.
The evening cast the usual scene
When the twilight closed the day
But, my heartbeat anticipated
A moment of explosive romance.
My garrulous mind
Took a calm recede that day
Because I allowed her to stay
And dance in me as she may.
She promised she would be there at 6:30PM
But, not a glimpse of her shadow fell on the dot
Yet, down deep I felt nothing hard of waiting
Because I know she will be there sooner or later.

She came, and we went for dinner
And later we went for a drive
A drive to a nearest town for a cool breeze
And, also a wondrous drive within recesses of mind.
We talked a lot of things
Things I can hardly remember now
Because I was intoxicated then
With a presence that cares.
The benighted night
Sparkled with joyous surge
With her by my side.
As I drove her through the busy street
I grasped her slender hand
My fingers interwoven between hers.
So, we went slowly across the border
For a slow drive to travel in the highway of romance
She handcuffed me with her look
But, I didn’t feel the trap at all.

Slowly I brought her hand closer to my lips
As I kissed, the fragrance vibrated in my nose
And she said, “it is Estée Lauder”.
I rejoiced in the smell as well.
The drive was slow, my breathing was calmer
No hurry, no worry of whatsoever
Being with her is the moment of sanctified euphoria
I lost myself in the sea of her care and look.
Her hand reached my cheek
The left cheek at the right moment
Humming silently, my whispers danced breezily
To the smooth touch of her slender fingers.

Time passed by slower and slower
I was in complete harmony with nature and mostly with me
She killed the inner chattering as her arm she rested on my palm
The touch that matters most, touched the soul in distress.
Incontrovertibly, I establish her in my mind, and,
Allowed her napping in the care of my hand
That strolled through her thick luscious hair
She gracefully pulled her head forward,
A little space for my hand.

When she sprinkled her stare
My heart lingered in her broad care
Reaching home was unremitting pain
But, alas! The law says everything must settle
And to the end, with a double hug and parting pat
I let her go, at least for the day
I wish it recurs once more, repeatedly.

As she said bye, the demure look she gave
Cornered my breath
I wished the night doesn’t fade
A little tear within my heart
Began to rip apart my guts
As she left me with a goodbye
And good night.
Surely a wonderful night
If eternally she remains in my sight.

But, when the bubble broken
I began to vanish
Thinner and thinner I became
My dream shattered
And my world shrunken,

I am awakened,
To sleep again
For another dream.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270908.


  1. Oh my - I was caught right up in this...dream! What a delightful twist at the end. An beautiful romantic write Cyclopseven.

  2. :)Dreams and imagination keep the world moving. And romance too. Thank you.

  3. What a wonderful dream! Yes, sometimes it's sad the night fades away.