Sunday, August 10, 2008

Woman, I know.

The sky deep and blue
A tulip from bud peeping at you

Your are pretty, and caring too

With dignity, I raise my mind for you.

The gentle walk your feet take
Leave no prints on the surface
But the grass, I know, murmurs happily
She is here, once again soothing us with love
They say.

Your smile carries a million colors
Yet the one I see is only that I like
In that smile, a beacon I see burning bright
An enchanting smile for an evening’s delight.

You are pretty, not just physical
But within you the conscience speaks wonder
A majestic throne you keep in golden hues
With humanity, love and shining values.

You are no ordinary, though a luscious beauty
You mark the borders well from the scent that preys
Man and beast you know how to handle
Lusty looks and nasty taste, you fence well.

A woman of substance, your brilliance
Speaks in tonnes of humble words
Harshness is a thing strange for you
Your royal mind you carry always with you.

You, an adorable one
From far and near
The untamed and tamed
Bow in respect at every stride you take.

You, the great
Pierced my heart
With graceful dart
in pain I am wriggling, dead
but pleasurable indeed, the start.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 090808.

1 comment:

  1. Words are beautifully woven. A wonderful tribute to the'woman, you know' Must have left a great impact in your life.
    I wish to get to know the 'woman, you know':) Take care. Bye.