Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Journey is life...

I am a traveler
Traveling daily from morning to noon to night
Breathing along the cycle of life
That rotates like wheel, to survive.

I travel extensively
Reaching every nooks and corners of life
Walking along with my values
I try hard not to hurt any
The foremost message from a loving dad
Before he leave me forever
To the world, beyond my existence.

Life is not a journey
But the journey itself is life
I learn it the easy and the hard ways
Through tears and smile as well.
Deepest moment of desperate crouching
Tighten my soul to uncertainty
Lugubriously I walk along the alleys of life
To learn and unlearn more things that comes by.

I venture far and deep
To touch the core of pain
And I learn the emotion called ‘frustration’
And I lose the emotion called ‘happiness’.
But, life prove to be an expansion
In love and hope I grew out of the cocoon
And I learn the emotion called ‘happiness’
And I lose the emotion called ‘frustration’.

Strange indeed the play of life
When I fall, it extends the strength
When I stand, it pushes me down
And it shed tears with me when I cry
And it smiles with me when I smile
My life is all in one, I realize,
It is the reflection of my mind.
My travel continues
And I unravel more secrets
Of vain relationships;
Of immaterial acquisitions;
Of strange attachment.

I pray to the power of existence
Allow me to complete this colorful journey
And let me settle within my own self
In bliss unspoken, eternally.

( Felda Lepang Nenering, Pengkalan Hulu, 1986)

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300808.


  1. Ahhh - the cycles of life - it's how we learn isn't it.
    By the way - I like your avatar :)