Sunday, July 27, 2008

Silent request II

Like a river
Thy grace eternally flows
sweeping across the mountains and valleys
consoling the dejected many
and guiding the faithful few.

The trees breathe Thy love
And the mountains portrays Thy strength
Birds and beasts follow Thy law
The earth the sun and the moon
Obediently pursues Thy course
But me, the man, touched Thy not.

I wonder why it is so
Only Thy will can free me about
To roam in Thy court of love
Without least fearing
The animals of desire and temptation.

Allow me my Lord
This coveted wish
Long ago expressed by sages of yore
So, I too would merge in You
To eternally remain in You.

My Lord, I know
Your love is supreme
Pure and unconditional.

Life’s path takes me to stroll
Along the various gardens
But, that which whispers Your fragrance
I wish to be there, more and more.

Shower on me Thy generous grace
And Lord, please lift me out
of this maddening race.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270708.


  1. Hope your request will be granted real soon. Take care my fren.

  2. Thank you my dear friends, Venus and Stacey.