Friday, July 04, 2008

‘Kampung’ Girl

Crossing the country side, she walks gaily
With a basket dangling in her hand,
She is joyous to the fullest energy.
As her gentle feet touches the narrow path
That divides the expanse of the paddy field
The sun’s vicious heat, cools down in her presence.
So powerful her gracious gait when she moves,
Her exuberance opens Mother Nature’s eyes
So much of vibrant smell, she begins to exude.
She is a kampung girl so demure
Under the noon’s heat, she brings pack of lunch,
For her father who toils the paddy field from morning
Now resting himself under the shade of the banana trees.

Whenever her sarong rubs against them gently
The grass waves goodbye in blissful mood,
And the birds chirp in unknown melodious tunes
Admiring the grace on the move, flying with the wind.
She, a kampung girl, with sweet and lovable gentleness
The sky smiles, and the clouds smitten with her beauty,
Oh! She carries sweetness eternally
everywhere she goes to

And she is just an illiterate kampung girl,
a simple beauty.

*Kampung – Village in Malay Language

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030708.


  1. This is very sweet and picturesque.

  2. your words drew an idyllic picture in my mind!