Friday, June 27, 2008

World as it is....

An illusory excuse.

Is just another word
For scarcity.

Poverty cries
While hoarders hoard
Capitalists smile.

Politic ticks
And politicians are pigs
Together they capitalize
The hoarders’ antic.

Everywhere slums
Are swelling with nasty smell
Modernization comes
Caressing the downtrodden
Letting them slip and sleep by the drain.

Education has become a privilege
Selected few rides through
The rest groan in pain of neglect
By the very government, they voted.

color and religion still matters
For one to climb in relieve
Yet the world talks of globalisation
With fragmented words, and looks.

The one God we called Creator
Is missing forever
Fearing for human insanity.

The neglected ones
Warring for survival.

When will this come to and end?
And, the philosopher said
“Nay, this is the world”
“It’s perfect”
“God is great”.

A small child cries
Parents murdered
By humanity.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270608.


  1. You are getting into some real nitty gritty themes in your poetry. I would take the side of the philosopher in this for the world is perfect - it is humans who are not. As long as humanity lives in ignorance so long will there be suffering. Until people see the perfection of the divine within themselves so long will there be greed, power, fear, jealously and a myriad of other faults. So long as humanity sees the world inside its controlling egos then so long will there be starvation, wars, corrupt politicians etc. The answer? Time. For it takes time for change to occur and in that time much happens to drive home the point of our ignorance and the changes we must make. Suffering is a necessary component in the understanding of what divinity really means.

  2. I agree with you my friend. Human insanity is taking a firm rooting nowadays, and suffering continues. Thank you.