Saturday, June 21, 2008

The wall of hope

The wall besmirched with clotted blood
And cracks all along the entire surface
Evokes the gloomy atmosphere of an era concealed
In painful tragedies and devastation.

Driven wild by tense moments of survival
Many hid behind the wall, to shield from the bombs
While listening to the crackles of flame
Consuming the buildings around, but not the wall.

They hold steadfast to their faith
And their faith to guide them to live
To appreciate the beauty of another day
Despite the sequential death around them.

Too precious to lose, the wall always renewed
Not with paint and plaster but with unwavering faith,
The fading twilights reminded them of another attack
Lurking somewhere across the dark sky over their lives.

The wall though besmirched with clotted blood
That remained their wall of hope
To withstand the barrage of atrocities
Until the end of war, and the end of life.

(Dedicated to everyone who had gone through
the painful experiences during the many wars
waged by mankind against mankind. They lost
everything – Love, Health, Wealth, Trust, Limbs
yet they hold tight to the wall of hope to
continue the survival of mankind)

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 210608)

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