Thursday, June 19, 2008

A stroll in the garden…………..

At every turn in life, we see things which can relate to our practical lifestyles. Due to the failure to observe and think deeply, most of the times we missed out the important elements that nature is providing us in our day-to-day lives. Failing in observation and discrimination can render us paralyzed throughout the life. Be generous in observation and thinking styles, so that these two processes may help to stimulate the production of neurons, leading to a better capacity to think and remember things.

Life flows generously like a stream, which then turns into a river to merge with the ocean. This is a wonderful part of nature. But, we human have become selfishly entangled in our own personal world, sometimes we become selfishly very personal, to the extent we can’t even tolerate our own mind attempting to try something new. Confined within the walls of selfishness, most of the moments in our lives, are spent in routinely guided schedules. We get up in the morning. We have breakfast. We go to work. We grumble. We backbite. We gossip. We worry. We come back from work. We have tea. We watch TV. We go for leisurely activities. We come back again. We take bath. We socialize. We watch TV. We read. We listen to songs. We have dinner. We go online. We chat. We reply e-mails. We write something. We yawn. We go to sleep. We go on dreaming. We do all these to please our own mind. Huh!!! What a routine list we have here.

In our attempt to lead a good life, very often, we unconsciously set aside the true meanings of life and the reasons behind everything that happens around us. When a tragedy occurs, we either blame all those around us or end up consoling our own self and live in an artificially accepted satisfaction. Too much of anything can become very unhealthy. Too less of everything too can become fatal. Moderation is the secret. Lack of commitment is one of the reasons, why people are losing their ground. We want fast results in every endeavor that we come across, without really putting an effort to commit ourselves to achieve the goals. Cowering with fear, majority of us would prefer to walk away from the turbulence, which may build along the process to reach the target. It is not an easy task for many, especially after years of constant pounding of negativity in our mind. We should try to breakaway from the monotony of life, look deep into our real needs, and assess the worthiness of satisfying the needs.

Those with families or extended families should spend time showering their concern and love for them. Work and money, could be achieved by many means, but a lost love is not as easy as that. Love is not a mere emotional gratification, but commitment and responsibility surpassing the elements of selfishness. There must not be any traits for personal gain, rather must be free from all expectation. After all, life is just short distant from birth to death.

In this stroll in the garden, nature walks with us, though we walk far from our conscience. Let us together put our efforts towards a fruitful and generous march in this life. Let us take as many people as we can along with us and head towards betterment.

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  1. An evocative piece that hits the nail squarely on the head. It is this exact reason that I bring photography, art and words to the blog. Though the photos (or words) may seem simple always there is a deeper reasoning behind them for I learned long ago that life's most profound questions can be answered by studying Nature. The first thing she does is to get us out from under the control of our ignorant, selfish and controlling egos.

  2. Hi Janice, thank you. I understand your work and the concept you intent to share with the readers. You have established a wonderful relationship with nature. Thank you again my friend.