Friday, May 30, 2008

So said my friend……

“I don’t understand you at all”
On one fine day
My friend shed the agony of
Not understanding me.

I told my friend the simple truth - life’s secret,
That has been repeated manifold.

“We don’t even understand ourselves
So why worry about understanding others.”
“We think one, we speak another
We speak one, and we do another”

“When our thoughts, words and deeds
Appear not in straight line”
“My friend why worry about understanding me?”

“Speak the way you think and act the way you speak.
Surely, one day the understanding will glimmer
Like the sunrise across the horizon”

“Alas! My friend, are we doing that often?”
“We rarely speak the way we think
And act the way we speak”
“How then can you understand yourself,
Before you aspire to understand me?”

“Once you understand the ways of life
And what life endows, the days won’t be far
Before the light is lit within you
To see that you are seated on the throne of your heart
And others’ as well”

“Then my friend
You shall know that
Understanding others matters no more
Once you understand who you are,
For, it’s the same spark that shines in all”.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300508.