Monday, May 05, 2008


The eyes that sees
Speaks not what is seen;
The mouth that speaks
Sees not what is spoken;
The ears that hears
Tell not what is heard;
In between of all these
Man grapples this transient world
Assuming what is here
Is all that matters.

The lights of wisdom
Have left the ebullient anticipation
Of values from eternity
To quench the taste of sybaritic pleasures.
Insidious envy
Builds the explosive greed
The two builds a deadly empire
That may crash with cataclysmic effect.

I wonder
Where the wheel is rolling to
For I don’t see the person who pushes it
But the wheel of life sagaciously telling us
The truth of life and the import it carries
But man oh man
though the damn ego is no matching for wisdom
Still Under the wheel of life
It crushes the wisdom,
And the illusory
Rules him with splendor
That falsely colored
To entice him
with status.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 050508.


  1. "assuming what is here is all that matters".. i simply loved that line :) it's the unspoken truth of life.

  2. That 'damn ego' is so right - we are at its mercy night and day though much much less at night. Its loud voice covers up the soft inner voice that would lead us the right way.
    Well written Cyclopseven.

  3. Exploring life - welcome to my blog and thank you for the comment. And Janice, you are getting better with poems, pictures and comments as well. Thank you very much.

  4. Really well written, I like the lines
    "The eyes that sees
    Speaks not what is seen;
    The mouth that speaks
    Sees not what is spoken"
    enjoyed this! ;)

  5. Hi Stacey thank you very much for your encouraging piece.

  6. I like this poem, well done. I may be way off, but your opening reminded me of St. Francis and the last stanza reminded me of Greek mythology