Thursday, April 03, 2008

A look at life..

Ensconced in a regal posture
By the platform of the bus terminal
He eschews the looks of curiosity
As the on-lookers threw some coins
A measure of sympathy from the world around
To another lonely world by the platform.

His eyes penetrates the busy life
That presents itself in front of him
How many men and women
Rushes hither and thither
With bustling minds
To earn more and more
For a life of comfort and luxury.

He stares silently bemused
At somewhat artificial and superficial mankind
Who earns, to live a luxurious lifestyles
But the mind is always in a hurry and worry
And health becomes totally forsaken.

The beggar look alike, then slowly stood
When the bus he was waiting for arrived
Together with the rest he too a passenger
But a passenger, who tails a life of simplicity and gratitude.
He felt so funny to think that mankind
Throwing coins for him who sat in a regal posture
Completely immersed in contentment and
Beyond all attachments.
He smiles, alone
At the fate, deliberately imposed
By man on man
And blame God for everything.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030408.


  1. This reminds me of a man I knew a long time ago who won a huge lottery - he never bought a bigger house or a new car or took a trip round the world or bought fancy clothes or quit his job. I suspect he gave it all to charity. I do remember how weird people thought it was that he never "improved" his lot in life - that he was still the same man as before.
    Strangely, people could not understand he was quite happy with what he already had...