Thursday, March 27, 2008


I wake up one day
To the rustling music of leaves
That plays hide and seek
With the wind that kisses them.

The morning rays
Elude my grasp
But those golden hues spread wide
Captured to be within my mind
Not a day but forever.

In the stillness of the mind
Life reveals itself panoramically
Inter-penetrating good and evil
With multicolour the emotion swirls
Tears of joy and pain, too flows.

Be it good or bad
Intact it remains
As the flesh to the bone.
The rivers of memory
Leave strong trails
Of pain and pleasures
The cause that accentuates
The wheel of life.

One corner of life reveals
A scene with pathetic tone,
Lugubriously mankind walks
Heading towards the inferno of wants and needs
Burning desires keep the amber smouldering
To invoke another desire from the fire
Only to be burnt again.

On another corner
Life reveals a beauty
Where mankind revel in charity
Beyond colours and creeds
Life expands in love.

Life expands as I watched
Mysteries formed eddies
A realisation dawn
That the sting of bees
Deters no hands from reaching
The sweetness beyond the pain
Thus it is a law of life.

We travel along every road ceaselessly
Looking for a long lost destination
Until the dust settles
Till then we shall remain as travellers.
Am a traveller
Within myself I keep moving
Towards the fountain
I hope I will reach
Before I part.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270308.


  1. Yes we are all travelers on this path - would to God more would find their lost destination - it would be such a better world...sigh
    Your English has improved dramatically - have you been studying it or something? :)

  2. Thank you for your comment on the poem and the language as well. The verses just popped up from the subconscious realm of my brain. I guess, must be from early readings :)).