Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Death III

A moment will arrive
May be too soon
Or very late in the evening of life
Departure will be inevitable;
For us to part suddenly
Without words to wish,
Nor looks to exchange.

I am standing here along this corridor of life
Where strangeness and mysteries
Hand in hand walk along in shadow
Together clinging to it is the secret of an ending.
Yes, an ending that every man
Shall reach one fine moment
Be it young or old, warm or cold
Shrinking life for some, expansion for others.

This friend, I would say
Though cruel, is better than life
And better than anything life can offer
This change of cloth – a death mysterious.
It takes nothing from us
Not our paltry desires
Not our branded materials
Not our priceless possessions
It takes nothing from us, but US.

Gracefully I wish to leave
This mansion of mine.
I wish I know when I should leave
I pray that the Lord shall allow
That knowledge of the ultimate secret spring
So I shall bid a warm farewell, an eternal one.
With loving glances and warm thoughts
I pray a chance to be given to me
Before I lay rest unto the eternal passage
Where what lays therein a mystery it remains
To say to all my loved ones,

I love you all.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 180308.


  1. Such a touching poem. You made me in tears.:( God Bless.

  2. Love that third verse - that is exactly what death does yet still our feeble minds spend our lives collecting possessions, fulfilling desires. Sometimes I weep at our stupidity...

  3. Thank you friends, wonderful sparrows.