Thursday, February 28, 2008

Political Poly-trick

It is raining heavily in Malaysia
Not of water that comes from sky
But torrential downpour that pours
Straight from the mouth of loyalists and tricksters.
Yes. Its time for election
To elect new and fresh yet old
Members of legislative assembly
And also members of parliament.
Or to re-elect once again
the same funny people
with puny characters.

Everyday they start afresh
With old ideas twisted manifold
Through different words
And at different times
They deceive people truthfully.
Promises of heavenly bounty
Laid heavily on the papers
Across the nation to seduce the innocents
Within their hearts they are selfish lot.

You give them the mike and space
They stay glued to both for hours
Words coated with saliva
Fall on many dead people.
None knows what politic is
But all like the drama they watch
When politicians pointing at each other
Blaming all but themselves
For they are always right
Because they rightfully clean people’s hopes.

Opposition stand opposing all that rules
The Ruling ones with tricky smile
Throws their bait far and deeper
With millions thrown to the poor and pauper
Once in five years to garner the deadly power
For another five years to dig the nation’s coffer.

“Once again the fools are back,
My dear little ones, be careful of mankind –
especially the politicians.
They change every five years. But, we remain the same.
Everyone knows about us not just today
But for tomorrow too
we shall remain known the same way;
Because we belongs to the highest race of all
But sad to say, man calls us animals.”

Saying so
The lioness took her cubs
Far away from civilized man.

She continued,
“We don’t take bribe. Nor do we steal.
We walk right though we have four legs.
We growl loud and honestly
Without a mike to shout or a crowd to watch
Because ours is not politic,
It is character as pure as Artic.”

“Walk away from man, if you can.
Their meat is soiled with hypocrisy.
So beware, they claim to be the Kings
But, they know not the law of respect.
We shall rule one day
One day shall come for us
But without mike and promises
We shall rule, to show man
That we are not animals but embodiment of honesty”

With that the day darken
the lion fell asleep with her cubs
But the man still shouting
across the villages he had never been.
In the last five years he never knew of poverty
But today he stands straight for hours
And speak of promises uncertain
To build a highway to the sun

In the dark night of their mind
Truth succumbs without healing.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 280208.

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