Monday, November 05, 2007

The sleep

I woke up
From my wakeful sleep
To sleep again in my reverie.
As I peeped through the window
Staring wildly at the sky
I enjoyed the shining dots
Mystically enchanting
They were to me.

What a wonderful sleep I had
As my eyes took me to the travel
Across the universe.
Sitting quietly within the core of my being
I asked many things
of existence and non-existence.

And both left me baffled
As I got up fresh the next day
From my lazy chair.

Another day has gone
And today a new beginning
As I said that to myself
I slumped myself on the bed
And took me off to another state
Before another day begin
I hope I understand
The mystery of this
Wondrous sleep
A wakeful sleep
In another sleep.

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 051107.


  1. A "wakeful sleep in another sleep" - exactly how we live day to day. What a rare treat if actually awake while in a dream state.

  2. "The sleep", it's a mystery. I like the graphic.