Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a world?

As I see the world
An unknown fear
Drilling its way slowly
Boring a hole within
And my existence is shaken.

Religions are fast becoming commodities
For many wicked human to invest
Their faith for popularity and power
They steal the souls of many faithful people.

Promises of heaven, I hear loud and clear
Fear of sins and hell too I hear along with
Reincarnation and karma too loudly echoes
And in the middle of each man, lies a dead soul.

Places of worship are flocking dens
For a few holy souls but more for angry souls
Talks of hatred, evil and autocracy reigns
Stronger, nowhere else but only here.

Mine is the right way, your’s is deficient
With the slogan firmly anchored
Differences in architectural designs
In the name of God and religions
Being burnt and demolished
With the same fire and feelings – heat of hatred.

The mouth that speaks of hatred and fanaticism
In the places of holy gathering says the prayers
Perfectly, as in the holy books of all religions
With their heart covered by religious bigotry.

Swords are drawn together with guns
In the name of religion and God
Man kill one another
Just to proclaim to the world, that
There is only one GOD
And his GOD is the right GOD! !

God smiles, man wiles.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 191007.


  1. Very well said here. Will there be peace one day?

  2. I agree 100% Cyclopseven. Did you ever see the movie "The Mission"? You would like it I am sure. This poem fits it so well. Although it deals with the corruption of the Catholic Church it would fit any religion of today that claims their way is the only way.
    No wonder people are confused and lost.