Thursday, November 01, 2007

Light II

The spreading wings of light
Slowly descending on man
Talks of peace and unity
Find a place to sow ‘humanity’.
The dark fear from yesteryears’ blight
Slowly diminishing beneath the light
Every corners I hear whispers of good news
That life will soon become alive and cheerful.
Hopes anchored long ago in the sea-bed of heart
Begin to flourish in colors wonderful
And many beliefs their God is listening
Though down deep in their heart they know He is deaf.
Never mind He being deaf
As long as He can hear the cries and tears
And give back the pieces of peace gone awry
In the past decades of utter selfishness.
I see the sun rises from the East
I see too the sun sets in the West
This phenomenon shall occur in our life too
If our faith in the ‘self’,
Rotates like the earth
Conscientiously, conscious of it’s duty.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 301007.


  1. Very good one. You have put in words all those I wanted to say.

    Yes, "And give back the pieces of peace gone awry"

    Thank you for sharing. Take care my friend.

  2. Let me mention again how much I enjoy your graphics and this one is a perfect complement to your poem.
    The closure is excellent on this though few know how to follow that last line.

  3. Just popped by to say hi, and thanks for visiting our blog. I enjoy Katie's poetry and now I can enjoy yours too.

  4. Thank you friends. Your presence here give away good scent. Thank you again.