Friday, October 19, 2007

The fallen bud

She was only five
Barefooted with torn dress
A plastic bottle
The size of a milk bottle
Filled with water
She held it tight and closer,
Reminder from her parents
“if no food, water will save”.

She was only five
Barely knew what is live
But the adults have taught her one thing,
Which she will never forget
That life is nothing but bloody pain
With scars as mark of war.

She was only five
Her ears, daily she lent
To listen to the rattling of guns
And popping of mortars
Which she knew not, why?
Just that the adults are fighting
A sarcastic fight of bloody kind.

She was only five
Yet she had cried and rivers flowed,
And she drowned many times
in her own tears
Almost daily in her life,
She cried while playing
She cried while eating
She cried while talking
And I am very sure, that
She even cried in her dream
Because her sobbing
I heard penetrating this soul
In my own dream till now.

Her mum taught her to hide
Behind the zinc at the back
Of her crumbled house,
So she be saved from raping gunmen
Who took turn to raid her mum
And left her bleeding to death.

The girl was only five
When one day she lost her doll
And when she came out from behind the zinc
Placed behind her crumbled house
In search of the doll,
Silence accompanied her
She spotted the gunmen
Before she could run and hide again
The vicious pit bulls rallied on her
Atrociously ignoring the tiny little suffering child
In that hunger stricken body
Each one took turn to satisfy the carnal desire.

When everything was over
The gunmen gave her a doll
Despite the pain with oozing blood
The innocent mind
remained white till the last,
Before she could grasp the doll
They fired the bullets in row
With soft groan she walked out of the body
Leaving her body naked
For flies and vultures to enjoy the feast.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 171007.


  1. It's very touching. It's very painful. My tears now is nothing compared to what the innocent child had gone through. What sin has she done? Why the cruelty? :((

  2. Heartbreaking and as painful to read as it must have been to write. Thankfully she no longer suffers but how many others do?
    Sometimes nature is harsh in her pronouncements.