Monday, October 15, 2007

Dark Love

Its a dark night
and I am alone
with a beautiful love at site.

She is all around me
Yet she eludes me
So swiftly
Yet she remains around me.

I try to hug her
For a kiss on her lips,
My embrace is so tight
Yet she managed to escape,
Once again.

I love her so much
I know she loves me too
But what can I do?
When she choose to part
From me, her admirer.

Though I carry a torch
All along with me
‘coz I wish to see her beauty
At least once in flashing light,
Alas! When I switch my torch
She disappears at unmatchable speed
And I am all alone again
With torch in my hand.

Her cruelty knows no bound
She test me with many taunts
Jeers at me through the moment
Her play is now beyond the bonds.

Can I ever hug her, at least once?
Can I ever see her face with my torchlight?
Will she allow me to kiss her dark lips?


©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 151007.


  1. This was utterly delightful. I feel the same way though it sounds much better coming from a man's point of view LOL