Sunday, September 23, 2007

Are we really progressing?

Life is a winding path that runs from where we stand. I ponder at every second that ticks away, what is this life all about. Is it a merely coincidental or is a fine carving by a master craftsman? As I was typing away my assignment, my mind began its wild travel into this wonders to ponder. So, not wanting to force myself to sit and type scholarly assignment, I let my mind running loose on this mystery for a distant that time permits me.

Are we really progressing? As I sit here on the round table in front of my office and staring at the environment around, I am almost convinced that we are progressing. The high rise building that provides accommodations for millions, but again to compare with, there are still squatters and slum dwellers among us. The motor vehicles that roar loud like a snoring lion too convinced me that transportation business is prosperous, but again to compare with, there are people who can’t afford to buy bicycles and what to say of motorcycles. I look around to see how and electricity and water suppies have moved within the convenient reach of the people, yet sad to say there are still people without that facilities and they go on using oil lamps to brighten their nights, water from well to wet their mouth and clean their bodies and to wash their clothes. I look around, telephone cables are gradually becoming invisible as wireless transmission is becoming popular, and everyone seems to be preoccupied with the talking business with hand phones in their hands. So many things have changed over the years and we come to accept that we are really progressing.

Are we losing something as we claim to be proud of this progress? Or are we just to ignore everything and continue our march to be within the scope of progression. I turned 360, I began to see the impact of modernization which has creep into our very beings. We all are rushing from ‘nowhere to nowhere’. This is the reality. Our senses, continually being bombarded with external stimulus, and we let our faculty of discrimination to fail us most of the time, just to enjoy the pleasure of the moment, out of the so called modernization.

Where does this modernization taking us to? Are we sharing the world with others or are we gradually widening the gap among the members of the society, under the banner of progress? It’s good to see progressive elements in the society. There a lot of good factors around that benefit us. But, nothing comes without a price tag on it. And, know what? The modernization has created two holes of selfishness and fears within us. The modern world, despite reducing the physical gaps between man, have spiritually distance them, thus there is a thirst for spirituality in this world. People do not know who they are actually. They try to become everyone they come across. If these two factors of fear and selfishness diminished, then we have every reason to celebrate the progression towards modernization.

Everyone is conscious of their own existence, own pleasures and wanting and self-satisfactions. Including me too. So, when change within going to take place. We are rob our values by succumbing to our own mental ruckus and we are degenerating in every ways we can possible think of.

Modernization is not a sin or a crime. But, to be strayed from our traditions, family values and individual values under the name of modernity is definitely sinful. Our own attitudes towards life and the world around us will be the yardstick to measure the impact of a modern world on us. While we go on enjoying every opportunity that appear to us, we must also create opportunities for those who are living a live lesser than us. Modernization gains its value, only when humanity is valued.

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  1. Everything needs to be balanced? What do you think?