Thursday, August 16, 2007


Teamwork is the most essential part of a workforce. Any effort carried out disregarding the teamwork will only attain futility. Though in the beginning everything starts with individuals, as time flies by, a team will gradually replace the individuals for an effective and efficient running of an organization.

A team is a place where we can measure our strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths and weaknesses are the dominating factors in our lives as well as the spiteful attitude which could possibly arise from some misunderstandings with our colleagues. Each person is unique and different from another. We have to accept this fact before we can qualify to be part of a team. We always tend to hold dear to our own opinions and conclusions to solve a given problem. We maybe right in our own world and perception. But, this should not blunder our vision to see the wide and deep world that span across the reality of life, that among the best of the best, there still lies a better solution for a particular situation. Accept it, tolerate and learn to live with better ideas and workable plans. This is a way to achieve teamwork. We may not be wrong all the time, whilst at the same time, others too, may not be wrong all the time.

One must always be prepared to entertain a broader perspective at workplace, taking into consideration everyone’s ideas, no matter how trivial they may seem. Give due recognition to skills that others' possess while making effort towards acquiring new skills and improving the old ones, if there is a necessity.

Sense of appreciation is lacking in present day work ethics. We would rather spend hours in gossiping and justifying another man’s purportedly wrong action, rather than taking a few seconds off our daily breathings to appreciate his right actions. When we develop the sense of hatred, it’s like lighting up a cotton wool. It burns faster. Not much effort is required to get the fire alive until the matter become ash. Our lives, is governed by our conscience. We react to the stimuli from the external world as perceived by our senses. If we just care to take a little time at any part of our daily journey through this life, to analyze the progress we have achieved, I believe we can become a better person, not just to ourselves but also to others around us.

Teamwork doesn’t mean that one will have a smooth sail. In a team there are task oriented group as well supervisory group. Sometimes there can arise unexpected differences between these two groups, thus creating problems which if not checked immediately can divide a team. At this point, it’s advisable to sit and talk, and sort out the conflicting matters. One has to accept others' opinions, if their reasons given are good and can benefit the team. Lastly, a teamwork is not meant to last for short stipulated period of time but it’s continuous journey, like a long train ride.

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