Sunday, March 12, 2006

the jungles in northern malaysia

The buzz of mosquitoes accompanied me through my ramble in the thick jungles of Perak, Malaysia. Here, I learn more of Mother Nature or what I prefer to call, Adhi Parashakthi. They carry mysteries unknown to man. Man pretend to know her but we can go on pretending forever and ever, yet Mothet Nature will never bow to ego centered nature of man. The colors of leaves that dried and alive, spoke to me in language lost for milliennias. They attracted me and made touch them with love and marvel. Dried leaves are not dead. They keep on living as long as they sustain other insects and parasites in this mysterious stretches of tropical forest.

As preceptor, the jungles taught me many things. If you don't break a twig for no reason, no troubles will face you along the journey. If you remain respectfully silent in her bosom, she harms you not with her weapons, the myriads reptiles and insects. If you carefully thread her voice, you will escape the sting of honey bees and instead enjoy the juice it provides. The dances of wild trees to the blow of the soothing wind took me along into another dimension of unparalleled expression and enjoyment.

Every track she provides me with clear path to step onto correctly, so that I do not step and kill some innocent creepers and insects, and in turn endangering myself. The jungles are alive. Livelier that us. The jungles are conscious of our presence there, but we are not conscious of her presence. Some prays to her. Some respect her mentally. Some touch her soil as a mark loyalty. Some are superstitious, they don't believe in believing that which therapeutically heals us from within. GOD bless all.

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